RCC Batching Plant for water conservancy projects and road construction

RCC Batching Plant for water conservancy projects and road construction

Roller compacted concrete (rcc) is a kind of dry hard concrete. As zero-slump concrete, it has the advantages of short curing period, high strength, good impermeability and low cost. In addition, it is also suitable for the construction of concrete gravity dams and high-grade roadbeds. As a professional concrete manufacturer and concrete production solution provider, YCZG offers different solutions for the production of different grades of compacted concrete.

yczg rcc batching plant

RCC Batching Plant for Hydraulic Projects

In the construction of hydraulic projects, there is a wide variety of aggregates with large grain sizes. YCZG rcc concrete batching plants can meet the needs of the hydraulic engineering industry. It can accommodate aggregates up to 15cm in size and can produce up to 6 square meters of concrete per batch. It not only meets the requirements for the production of compacted concrete, but is also suitable for the production of other high grade concrete.

Road-specific RCC batching Plant

In road construction, road base materials are characterized by high demand, strict performance requirements and high production efficiency. The YCZG road-specific compacted concrete batching plant can produce 800 tons of compacted concrete per hour. A two-shaft continuous mixer is used. The mixer has high mixing efficiency and productivity. It is used in road construction projects not only for the production of compacted concrete but also for other cement stabilized soils and cement stabilized aggregates.

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