Precast Concrete Batching Plant for PC Components Factory

Precast Concrete Batching Plant for PC Components Factory

Precast concrete, also known as PC components, is a concrete product that is processed in a factory according to a standardized process. Compared to cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete can be mass-produced, poured and maintained. At the same time, the construction environment of precast concrete mixing plant is safer, lower cost and higher quality products; the speed of construction can be guaranteed. Therefore it is widely used in transportation, construction, water conservancy and other fields.

yczg precast concrete batching plant

The precast concrete mixing plant provided by YCZG Machinery has a maximum capacity of 480m³/h, which is suitable for producing PC components of various specifications, including various kinds of pipe piles, precast panels, bridges, concrete blocks, etc. Meanwhile, the precast concrete mixing plant adopts automatic system; it features uniform mixing, high productivity and long service life. The automatic correction system can realize real-time monitoring of moisture content of sandstone and automatic correction of composition. For the production of precast concrete slabs, concrete blocks and other small parts, Conway small precast concrete mixing plant loads materials through the hopper. In addition, it not only has the advantages of small footprint and high productivity, but also can be operated fully automatically and manually.

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