Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

YCZG Dry Mix concrete batching plants do not include concrete mixers. These Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant are preferred if the distance between the concrete plant and the application area is too far. The concrete components are weighed and transferred directly to the truck mixer, eliminating the need for a mixing process. The capacity of our dry concrete plants varies between 60 m3/h and 120 m3/h.

Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

Types of concrete for different production processes

There are two main types of concrete plants and they are available in four combinations for different production processes.

  • Dry mix concrete batching plants
  • Wet mix concrete batching plant
  • Semi-wet concrete batching plant
  • Combined concrete batching plants

It is important to choose the right concrete mixing plant according to the characteristics of the building to be built and the traffic facilities. From this point of view, the difference between a dry mix concrete plant and a wet mix concrete plant is not only wet mix or dry mix, but there are other important differences. A dry mix concrete mixing plant is a special type of equipment used to mix concrete compared to other mixing plants. Dry mix concrete mixing plant is more efficient, but it must be combined with a mixer truck to mix concrete.

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Difference between dry mix concrete mixing plant and wet concrete mixing plant

dry type concrete plant YCZGA dry mix concrete mixing plant, also known as a dry concrete mixing plant, feeds sand, gravel and cement through a digital or manual scale mixing plant. All raw materials are then discharged into an inclined tank into a truck. At the same time water is weighed or volumetrically measured and discharged into the mixer truck through the same dosing tank. Finally, all materials are mixed and transported to the site.

Wet concrete plants use a concrete mixer to mix all the above components (including water) in a central location, and the concrete is mixed on the way to the site to prevent setting (using a mixer or ready-mix truck).

Like mobile and stationary concrete plants, dry concrete plants consist of a cement silo, feeding system, control system, weighing system and mixing system. Cement silos are used to collect and supply raw materials such as cement, sand and fly ash according to production needs. The feeding system is the bridge between the aggregates and the mixing system. The accuracy of the weighing system determines the amount of mixed materials and therefore has a great impact on the quality of the mixed concrete. The mixing system only mixes materials without water. Therefore, the mixer truck is very important for transporting and mixing the concrete. The control system is the heart of the entire plant. Workers can use the concrete plant in the control room for full automation.

Dry mixing is different from wet mixing equipment. Wet mixes that include a central concrete mixer while dry mixes can provide a more consistent mixture in less time. Dry batching plants typically see more variation in the standard deviation of breaking strength as well as variation in different loads because cement, stone and other mixtures can be mixed systematically than wet mixes. Some concrete batching plants combine wet and dry mixing characteristics for additional applications.

Advantages of Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plants

YCZG Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

  1. Higher capacity and lower energy consumption because concrete can be mixed without water
  2. The cooperation between the dry mixing plant and the mixer truck increases productivity and saves time.
  3. Freshly mixed concrete can be used as the mixer truck arrives at the construction site.
  4. It reduces construction time and increases productivity.
  5. It consumes less power compared to a wet mix plant.
  6. Relatively low operating costs for dry mix concrete plants
  7. Allows for more efficient mixing of concrete.
  8. It may require less maintenance time compared to wet mix plants
  9. Like other mixing plants (e.g. mobile and stationary concrete mixing plants), the dry concrete mixing plant is automated.
  10. It is ideal for manufacturers of dry concrete plants if the site is long. The mixer truck can maintain a rotation sequence as it travels to the job site, preventing tampering and hardening of the mix concrete and ensuring freshness of the material.
  11. Dry batch concrete vegetation is a popular modern concrete production equipment that continues to significantly assist in the growth and development of modern roads, bridges and various concrete construction projects.

Dry mix concrete mixing plant workflow

Dry mix concrete mixing plant is a kind of special concrete mixing plant, which is mainly used in projects with low requirements for concrete quality and long distances. Compared with the ordinary wet mix concrete mixing plant, the dry mix concrete mixing plant is not equipped with a central mixer and is mixed by a mixing tanker during transportation. When the dry concrete mixing plant works, the systems feed the weighed aggregates, cement and fly ash into the storage hopper, and then the materials are loaded into the transport tank through the storage hopper. Next, the user loads it into the transport tanker along with water and other additives. The transport tanker controls the rotation of the tank at a reasonable speed to achieve the mixing purpose.

Dry Mix Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale

Dry mix concrete mixing plant is simple in structure, easy to operate and has many advantages such as good quality. When you need dry mix type, you don’t need mixer, more save time and money. What’s more, we can guarantee the quality of our products. In short, we can provide dry mix models and wet mix models for our customers. For different types, we use standard design and special materials according to the requirements. We can customize various machinery and equipment for high quality concrete mixing plant. If you need the one you want to buy, please contact us as soon as possible. We will give great discount and reasonable price.

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