YCZG HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Supports Infrastructure Construction in Pakistan

YCZG HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Supports Infrastructure Construction in Pakistan


YCZG concrete batching plant  Supports Pakistan

With the maturity and perfection of YCZG concrete batching plant, besides occupying a pivotal position in the domestic market, the foreign market is also expanding day by day, and winning the praise of customers. Recently, China Construction Group Ltd. ordered a HZS60 concrete batching plant from YCZG and went to Pakistan to participate in the infrastructure construction.

yczg batching plant in pakistan

HZS60 compact concrete batching plant Features

The HZS60 compact concrete batching plant is equipped with JS1000 twin-shaft concrete mixer with strong mixing, short mixing time and high working efficiency, with a production capacity of 60 cubic meters per hour.

  • The concrete plant is equipped with 4 x 20 m³ inline batchers for accurate metering and high production efficiency.
  • The batching of cement, water and liquid admixture are all measured by electronic scale with high accuracy.
  • The water supply system adopts the principle of water pump pressurization, which makes the water flow faster and spraying evenly
  • Aggregate feeding adopts rail lifting device, with long life, high efficiency and small footprint.
  • The main components of electric control system are all adopted international famous brands, with reliable performance and convenient operation. It is the ideal choice for small and medium-sized customers.

YCZG Concrete Batching Plant keep improving

Over the past few years, YCZG has put forward the quality requirement of “fine workmanship, creating YCZG brand”, and has been striving for perfection in the production process, implementing technical innovation and technical transformation around the existing products, optimizing the product structure and improving the product quality in response to the feedback information from users, carrying out special design and special manufacturing for the special requirements of users, improving the product series and upgrading the product quality. We also carry out special design and manufacturing to improve the product series and upgrade the product grade, so that the production technology of concrete batching plant can reach maturity.

We wish our customers good luck in their new business and express our happiness that they choose YCZG as their concrete batching plant supplier.

HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant FAQ

How many cubic meters of concrete can HZS60 concrete batching plant produce per hour?

A: According to the theoretical calculation, the output of one HZS60 concrete batching plant production line is 60 cubic meters of concrete per hour. In the actual production, there is a certain gap between the theoretical output and the actual output due to the external factors and the different grades of concrete to be mixed, and the actual output is about 45 cubic meters.

How big is the floor space of HZS60 concrete batching plant?

A: If the equipment is placed in L-shaped pattern, the floor space (length×width): 43m×16m.

How big a transformer is needed for HZS60 concrete batching plant?

A: A HZS60 concrete batching plant production line, in addition to mixing equipment electricity, plus other power-consuming equipment, it is recommended that the transformer built by the customer, not less than 150KW.

HZS60 concrete batching plant equipment manufacturers which is good?

A: The production of concrete batching plant manufacturers than very much, there are large and small scale, YCZG was established in 2000, has more than twenty years of experience in manufacturing mixing plants,If you need a concrete mixing plant you can contact us by email info@yczggroup.com, or directly call +86-17637100666.

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