Two sets of YHZS25 mobile concrete mixing plants exported to Uzbekistan

Two sets of YHZS25 mobile concrete mixing plants exported to Uzbekistan


From September 5 to September 10, two sets of  YHZS25 mobile concrete mixing plants were sent out in batches from YCZG Wenxian factory to Khorgos port in Xinjiang and transferred to the international road to reach the final destination of Uzbekistan.

YHZS25 mobile concrete mixing plant in  Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia, which is a crossroad linking East and West and South and North of Central Europe and Central Asia, and is a major traffic route for East and West trade.

A Silk Road connects China and Uzbekistan closely. The deep “Silk Road affinity” has accelerated the rapid development of China and Uzbekistan. In the past two years, YCZG has actively devoted itself to the development and cultivation of the international market, and once again embarked on this “Silk Road” to bring YCZG concrete mixing equipment to Uzbekistan and the world on this “Silk Road” economic belt.

yczg yhzs25 mobile concrete mixing plants

YHZS25 mobile concrete mixing plant for sale

The two sets of YCZG HZS35 mixing plant production lines exported to Uzbekistan are mainly involved in the local infrastructure construction, and the YCZG YHZS25 mobile mixing plant has the same operation and maintenance as the fixed automatic concrete mixing plant, but also has unique features such as flexible movement, quick and easy disassembly, and simple storage and management.

This plant has won the unanimous approval and high evaluation from customers for its special advantages of simple operation, stable operation, uniform mixing, low operation cost, convenient installation and easy maintenance.

YHZS25 mobile concrete mixing plant structure

Mixing System

YHZS25 mobile mixing plant mixing host uses JS500 double shaft forced concrete mixer , JS500 concrete mixer mixing system consists of motor, pulley, reducer, open gear, stirrer mixing device, oil supply device and other components. When working, the motor drives the secondary gear reducer, and the two shafts of the reducer drive the two horizontal mixing shafts to reverse equal speed rotation through two pairs of open gears respectively.

Batching System

YHZS25 mobile mixing plant uses PLD800 concrete batching machine, which is composed of feeding mechanism, weighing system, electrical control system and other components. The characteristics are that the feeding mechanism is arranged in the shape of “pin”, feeding by belt machine, and the weighing method is lever with single sensor, which is accurate.

Conveying System

YHZS25 mobile mixing plant belt conveyor is an ideal and efficient continuous transport equipment, with the advantages of long conveying distance, large capacity, continuous conveying, etc., and reliable operation, easy to realize automation and centralized control, disassembly and installation is very convenient.

Control System

The control room of YHZS25 mobile mixing plant is located at the bottom of the chassis of the main machine and contains the fully automatic control system of the mixing plant. The control system is the same as that of the fixed mixing plant, and the control room is used as the front support point of the whole plant in the working state, and the control room is put away in the inner space of the support when the plant is transferred; all the control lines do not need to be disassembled.

Henan Yicheng Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

In order to realize the perfect delivery of export equipment in time, YCZG Machinery not only optimizes the equipment process, perfects the mixing performance and strictly controls the quality of equipment in the production. At the same time, in order to avoid the possible rusting of the equipment during the transportation process, higher requirements are put forward for the anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment of the equipment when it leaves the factory.

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