Compact concrete batching plant in Muscat, Oman

Compact concrete batching plant in Muscat, Oman


Recently, YCZG delivered a  HZS35 compact concrete batching plant to Muscat, the capital of Oman. This is the second concrete batching plant sold by YCZG to Oman, and the plant is expected to start production next month.

Buy YCZG Compact concrete batching plant benefits

Many people choose to buy commercial concrete in order to save costs, which is actually very uneconomical. The benefits of owning a set of concrete batching plant are as follows:

  • Consistent production of quality concrete.
  • Concrete plants operating according to a convenient schedule for the construction site.
  • lower cost of materials produced by the concrete plant than purchased ready-mixes.
  • High durability, attributed to the use of quality components.
  • high degree of automation possibilities, which will reduce the influence of human factors and save wages.

If your concrete needs are not very large, buying a YCZG  Compact concrete batching plant is your best choice.

compact concrete batching plant in muscat oman

YCZG compact concrete batching plant Advantages

The YCZG compact concrete batching plant has an efficiency of up to 100 cubic meters per hour and is designed as a space-saving monolithic unit with all components easily maintained and most of the steel construction galvanized. The mixing system can be equipped with a mechanical or hydraulic planetary mixing system. Tandem silos are available with storage capacities from 70 to 300 cubic meters.

How to buy YCZG Compact concrete batching plant in Oman

YCZG Machinery has sold several concrete batching plants in Oman, we have rich experience and after-sales service. If you need a concrete batching plant, please leave a message to contact us and we will reply you within 24 hours.

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