YCZG\’s Concrete Batching Plant different with Karoo Batching Plant

YCZG\’s Concrete Batching Plant different with Karoo Batching Plant

Karoo is a very famous concrete batching plant model in South Africa, Some people asked me, what is the difference between our concrete batching plant and Karoo batching plant?

  1. Karoo Concrete Batching Plant is a dry type concrete plant, while YCZG's concrete batching plant mostly for wet mix concrete. The dry type batching plant without central mixer, YCZG's wet type concrete batching plant equiped with twin shaft concrete mixer, it can be produce hight quality concrete.
  2. Karoo Concrete Batching Plant is simple mobile unit contain with aggregate bin, belt conveyor and others, It is very small and easy to transfer. While YCZG's concrete batching plant with more functional modules like computer system, aggregate weighting system, water weighting system, cement weighting system, etc, the batching machine has multiple storage bins.
  3. Because of the use of a central mixer, YCZG's concrete batching plant can mix concrete with big aggregate diameter greater than 500 mm, these concretes tend to have higher strength.

Which one is better?

Divorced from actual application, it is difficult to say which is better. The advantage of YCZG's concrete batching plant is that it is cost-effective and can meet the requirements of producing high-quality concrete. If the concrete quality is not high, you can also increase its production capacity through configuration options.

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