YCZG dry concrete batching plant sale in Africa

YCZG dry concrete batching plant sale in Africa

Recently, I received many inquirys about the dry concrete batching plant in Africa.

But most people do not know about the specific configuration of dry batching plant well. In fact, in the area of southeast Asia, dry concrete simply means different doses of water and additives, and the equipment used to mix the concrete is still the regular batch plant.

And in some other areas, dry concrete batching plant means that there is no water and additives weighting equipments, no concrete mixer with the plant. After the cement and aggregate are transferred to the discharge nozzle, they will be poured directly into the mixer truck, where the concrete will be mixed.

Therefore, the dry mixing plant is suitable for long-distance transportation of concrete projects, which will save time.

If you are interested in that plant, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime. Yasin Zhao, Wechat/WhatsApp: +86 17637100666, email: info@yczggroup.com.

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