What will the batching plant\’s operator do in daily work

What will the batching plant\’s operator do in daily work

The operator of concrete batching plant is responsible for the operation and production of the whole plant. Then what specific things does he ought to be responsible for?

  1. Be responsible for the control and operation of concrete batching plant, complete mixing production tasks on time, with guaranteed quality and quantity, and make concrete production records;
  2. In case of any problem with the mechanical equipment during construction, the operator shall carry out rush repair in time and shall not refuse to do so for any reason;
  3. Strictly implement the production operation rules to ensure the concrete slump and prevent the occurrence of blocked pump;
  4. Operating in strict accordance with the concrete mix ratio provided by the engineering Department, and it is strictly prohibited to input wrong concrete grades; On duty personnel to input concrete strength mix ratio to carry out self-check, and then cross check, confirm correct before entering the mixing procedure;
  5. In case of heavy rain in the mixing process, water consumption should be adjusted timely.When starting mixing 5-10 buckets, on-site debugging of concrete slump should be carried out together with on-site construction personnel, and automatic mixing should be carried out after the water-cement ratio is stable. Should check to slump at any time in agitating process, must not have accident occurrence. If notified by the person in charge of the site, production shall be strictly controlled in accordance with the requirements of quantity and strength grade signed by the competent leader of the engineering department, and concrete waste and strength shall not be caused.
  6. Check mixer, cement and aggregate every week to ensure the accuracy of measurement. The errors found should be adjusted in time, and should not be delayed for the reason of small errors;
  7. After each stirring, the mixer shall be cleaned up, and the operation of the equipment shall be checked and records shall be made. Do not leave any concrete or sand around the mixer, discharge hopper and the mixer. If there is any leakage, it should be cleaned and used in time.Avoid waste of materials;
  8. Timely clean the operation room and operation desk, reduce dust deposition, enter the operation room 10 minutes in advance every day, and prepare for the handover.Ensure the normal operation of electrical switches;
  9. When the mixer works, one should see and two should listen to it. In case of abnormal sound of the parts, timely communicate with the maintenance personnel for maintenance.

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