What is the difference between a paving stone machine and a building block making machine?

What is the difference between a paving stone machine and a building block making machine?

Generally speaking, you will see advertised in the market each manufacturer of block making machines stating their machine can make both pavers and building blocks

Some companies that are supplying poor quality machines cannot produce either product to China standards and are totally false claims. Ask them for references of customers, making both products on the same model machine that you can talk to on the phone.

I believe most machines are best suited for their intended purposes. I use the analogy of a 4-wheel drive pickup truck and a car. A 4-wheel drive pickup truck with large oversized tires is really good on a rainy day coming up a muddy driveway. You can also drive it down the road at 65 MPH (105 KM/H) on a raining day. It may start to hydroplane because of those big wheels, but it can do it. Is it best suited for coming up the muddy driveway or going faster on the highway is the question?

The opposite is true for the car driving down the highway at 65 MPH (105 KM/H) on a misty raining day because the car has small narrow tires limiting the risk of hydroplaning. However, coming up the muddy driveway the car tires are spinning and the car is sliding side to side but eventually makes it up the driveway without stopping. What was the car best at doing compared to the 4-wheeler?

In summary, some but not all machines will make a variety of products including mine. The most important factor to understand which system is best at its most intended purpose to match your needs. That will make the most money and help grow your business? I can help you analyze the options and discuss which products and best suited for which machine is best for you

We will compare your business plan, goals and budget to match machine system makes the most sense for you.

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