What are the necessary conditions to build a commercial batching plant?

What are the necessary conditions to build a commercial batching plant?

What are the contents of the commercial concrete batching plant inspection, relatively recent customer consultation on this issue, I consulted other colleagues, summarized the following concrete mixing plant inspection content, I hope to help you.

Inspection of commercial concrete mixing plant

Examination of the production scale of commercial concrete mixing plant, the situation of raw materials, staffing, testing equipment, etc.

1. Hardware equipment of the mixing plant.

  (1) Mixing unit: having a concrete mixer of suitable checking output.

  (2) Mixing trucks: 40 trucks (9m3, 10m), with a radius of 70km.

  (3) Concrete pumps: 8 sets of concrete car conveying pumps and 10 sets of concrete trailer pumps, with a vertical conveying distance of up to 200m.

2. Raw material situation.

  (1) River sand origin, gravel origin.

  (2) Cement supply.

  (3) Admixture (fly ash).

  (4) Admixture (polycarboxylic acid pumping agent water reducing agent).

3. The technical department is fully staffed.

4. Complete equipment configuration for the test room and maintenance room.

Check the relevant qualification information.

(1) Examine the relevant documents of the concrete mixing plant registered in the relevant local some days match with the tender, and there is no solicitation.

(2) Examine the hardware equipment of the commercial concrete mixing plant, including mixing equipment such as concrete mixers, storage equipment such as cement silos, transportation equipment such as concrete Mixer Truck, etc., which can meet the production needs.

(3) To examine the software equipment of the commercial concrete mixing plant, such as whether the staffing is reasonable, whether the management system is perfect, and whether the company regulations are reasonable, etc.

(4) To examine separately the situation of the concrete collaborative ratio laboratory of the mixing plant, such as the talent of the laboratory personnel and the working condition of the laboratory; the experimental collaborative ratio may be randomly checked according to the construction needs.

(5) To examine the use of raw materials and admixtures in the commercial concrete mixing plant and the quality and accuracy of the materials used.

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