Wet Concrete Batching Plant 90m3/h

Wet Concrete Batching Plant 90m3/h

Wet Concrete Batching Plant is a facility mixing all of the components (including water) in a central location for the production of concrete and concrete mixtures. The Italian concrete mixer SICOMA or the Chinese concrete mixer can be installed as the main concrete mixer.

Main characteristics of the Wet Concrete Batching Plant 90m3/h

Compact, efficient and reliable Samsung gearbox; High-chromium wear-resistant cast-iron lining and blades, correct construction angle, quick and effective mixing of concrete mix, long-term operation period, designed for 50,000 mixes; Fully automated locking and lubrication system, automatic detection of mixer problems, automatic checking for leaks, oil level and temperature in the gearbox, oil and grease level in the discharge pump; Hydraulic unloading gate and control of three positions; Soundproofed construction. cement feed screw, cement dispenser

Productivity Capacity is 1.5 m3 / cycle. The automatic control system produces a set of materials per batch parallel to the mixing process of the current batch. The cement silo is equipped with pneumatic bubbling, which ensures uninterrupted supply of cement.

4 bins of aggregate batching machine weigh in parallel, which provides a quick set of materials and high performance. The water and cement dispenser are installed on three bending load cells, the chemical additive dispenser is suspended on a single compression / tensile load cell. All metering scales have a stated error not exceeding 1%.

The location of the aggregate batching machine relative to the main mixer is only possible in a straight line or in the right corner. The batching plant can be equipped with cement silos with a capacity of 100 tons, 200 tons, 300 tons or 500 tons. Both cement and bulk additives are delivered via a screw conveyor, the diameter of which is selected from the range: Ø 273, Ø 219, Ø 194.

The metal structures of the batching plant case are made of high-quality rolled metal, wide passages are provided for inspection and maintenance.

The process control is carried out by programmable logic controller (PLC). The system monitors all process parameters in accordance with the operator’s task. The system stores all data about the batches and generates reports on the instructions of the operator.

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