used concrete batching plant for sale

used concrete batching plant for sale

Used concrete batching plant for sale

This service became relevant in connection with the active development of the secondary market for used concrete batching plants. In the case of changes in economic circumstances, it is necessary for concrete factories owners to sell RMC plant.

Second-hand concrete batching plant for sale

CAMELWAY can assist or participate in this process, as in the stage of audit and evaluation market value and sell to a new owner ”. In the case of a sale transaction, the team "CAMELWAY" after assessing the condition of the concrete batching plant and negotiating the sale price with the owner carries out a series of marketing activities aimed at prompt sale.

Installation Second-hand concrete batching plant

The transaction is carried out on a turnkey basis and includes dismantling Second-hand concrete batching plant at the previous site, transportation to a new site, installation and commissioning at a new site work. This year CAMELWAY carried out about 10 such deals in different regions.

YCZG concrete batching plant for sale

“As the experience of secondary sales of concrete of Camleway plants, – JACK, – the concrete batching plant is liquid and retains a high residual value. Pricing depends on the willingness of the selling side – to sell faster or it is more profitable to sell, and on the condition of the concrete batching plant, which is a direct consequence of the correct maintenance and timely replacement of spare parts throughout the entire period of operation. Participation of CAMELWAY in the resale concrete batching plant is a guarantee of its technical condition, transparency of the transaction with legal point of view and gives the new owner of the concrete batching plant confidence that the acquired plant will be correctly assembled and will work on the new place of operation ".

Warranty used concrete batching plant

If necessary, simultaneously with the installation of the concrete batching plant, the team of CAMELWAY carries out work to repair and restore the performance of certain units of the concrete batching plant. Thus, employees of CAMELWAY together with the manufacturer are in a position to solve problems. Starting from cooperation on the development of a business plan for concrete production to implementation or full restoration of used concrete batching plant.

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