Universal block making machine hot selling in Africa

Universal block making machine hot selling in Africa

Recent years, YCZG has sold many block machines in Africa, where is aslo as one of our important market.

Here are 2 kinds of our popular types in Africa:

FZQT8-20 block making machine, 

FZQT8-20 type is the medium-sized equipment of our company's block making machine. It can not only produce ordinary block types, standard bricks, porous bricks, municipal bricks and other common brick types, but also have applicability to some special brick types, especially Some low-molding blocks, slope protection bricks, hydraulic blocks, post-insertion self-insulating blocks, etc., can be customized to meet customers' special requirements for products and ensure customer satisfaction.

FZQT10-20block making machine

FZQT10-20 is a large-scale equipment of our company's block machine. It has large output and good stability. It has a variety of auxiliary equipment to support it, which can realize fully automatic production. It is the first choice for customers in Africa to achieve large-scale and automated production. 

If you have project in Africa, and want to know more about the block making machine, just contact me.

Yasin Zhao, mob: +86 17637100666, email: info@yczggroup.com.

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