The precautions of using concrete mixer

The precautions of using concrete mixer

If you buy a  concrete mixer , what should you pay attention to during use?

(1) Before using the new concrete mixer , the system and components shall be inspected and the necessary test operation shall be carried out according to the requirements of the instruction manual of the concrete mixer. When the vehicle is running, check the direction of rotation of the mixing drum or the stirring blade, and the operation and braking of each working device are confirmed to be normal before the operation;

(2) The  concrete mixers should be installed on a solid pedestal. When used for a long time, the anchor bolts should be buried.

(3) For mobile concrete mixers, it should be installed on a flat and hard floor with a square or bracket to keep the horizontal tires free. If the use time is more than three months, the tire should be removed and the end of the axle should be properly kept clean and rust-proof;

(4) For some mixers that need to dig up the hopper pit, the surrounding of the pit should be sturdy to prevent the surface water from flowing into the pit. The bottom end support surface of the loading rail frame shall be tamped or paved, and the back of the rack shall also be supported by wood to prevent the rail from being deformed during operation;

(5) After the concrete mixer is started, the mixing drum should be loaded after the normal speed is reached. After the feeding, the water should be added in time; the new material must be discharged before the original concrete is removed. Do not start the mixer at midway stop or full load, except for reverse feed.

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