Stationary Pallet Block Machine

Stationary Pallet Block Machine

A stationary block machine is permanently mounted at your factory for production of concrete products. The advantages of this type of machine includes high output production with the ability to manufacture a wide variety of products that can be produced by the block machine. The products machine incorporates a vibratory system that uses a dry cast mix to fill the empty mold cavities with concrete mix. Once the mold cavities are full of concrete mix the same vibration system is also used during the compaction stage of the process for making concrete products. This complete process is very fast and requires very little cement content in the concrete mix compared to a wet cast mix.

we sell all categories of concrete products making machinery which include Block Machines, Interlocking Paver Machines and Wet Cast Machines. All types are available such as, Stationary Pallet, Portable, Press and Multilayer.

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