Stationary Concrete Batching Plant or Mobile Concrete batching Plant?

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant or Mobile Concrete batching Plant?

The modern concrete batching plant is a complex equipment for produce of concrete of various grades. The most important indicator of the batching plants work is its productivity, Usually between 25 and 240m³/h. All batching plants can be divided into two main types: mobile and stationary. Some customer don't know which is the right plant, this article will give an answer.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants are work machines that can perform all the functions of stationary concrete plants. This facility is ideal for short-term projects and preferred by companies that provide mobile services without a specific field of study. These machines, which save time and cost in operations, have been among the preferences of many companies in different sectors.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plants are ideal for businesses with a specified working area. These products are used to meet the needs of companies that need ready mixed concrete, are often used in large projects that will last for many years. Stationary Concrete Plants which have different types according to the operating requirements have an average capacity of 25 to 240 m3 concrete production per hour. We also see the outstanding achievement of our company in concrete plant services after stone crushing and screening facilities.

The concrete batching plants presented in our website are made of high-quality materials (high-strength steel alloys) and are equipped with equipment from reliable and well-known manufacturers (WAM, Simens, Sicoma). YCZG's Batching Plants meet such qualities as durability, efficiency and ease of use.

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