Specifications of YCZG concrete pump

Specifications of YCZG concrete pump

YCZG Machinery has been specialized in the production of concrete pump for many years, there are some specifications of our product:

Product features

  1. The heavy traffic: Use coarse material cylinder, so that each cycle of the machine to discharge 20% more.
  2. High efficiency: Quick connection pipe card is adopted for convenient movement to improve work efficiency.
  3. The convenient: This machine can be remotely controlled, the operation is not restricted by the location, more human.

Product structure configuration

  1. Cooling system: High speed fan is used to control the oil temperature of the whole machine effectively to ensure sufficient pressure.
  2. Lubrication pump: Electric grease injection pump, low speed accurate injection to ensure the lubrication of each important link.
  3. The remote control: High precision remote operation and remote control, more convenient and handy, not subject to local restrictions.
  4. Electric cabinet: Adopt double door toughened glass design, effectively prevent dust.
  5. Hydraulic motors: The low speed hydraulic motor is responsible for softening the mixing of concrete in the hopper.
  6. The main oil pump: Large flow plunger constant power, oil pump can adjust the flow effectively to protect the smooth operation of the motor.
  7. Glasses plate: Glasses board, cutting ring, hard alloy inlaid manufacturing, durable.
  8. The small end: Wear-resistant split end with high concentricity.
  9. Valve block: The system integral valve block structure is reasonable, the system pressure balance.

If you are also interested in that machine, just contact me. Yasin Zhao, email: info@yczggroup.com, mob: +86 17637100666.

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