Solutions to various problems of cement silos

Solutions to various problems of cement silos

A cement silo is a storage facility for powder materials such as cement and fly ash. Cement silo structure is simple, large storage capacity, welcomed by users. However, improper handling often results in the cement tank being unloaded and the tank top being gray. Today, we will help you analyze the reasons for these reasons. How to deal with this situation?

The top of the cement tank is grey.

  • Phenomenon: In the process of pumping ash from cement truck to cement silo, powder ash at the top of cement tank constantly appears.
  • Treatment method: Check whether the dust filter on the top of the cement tank is clean; Timely clean up the powder accumulated around the cement tank jacking pressure relief valve to prevent powder and water from agglomerating and blocking the relief valve; Check the loading level gauge of the cement tank to see if the material is full.

The cement pot is not smooth.

  • Phenomenon: If the cement tank has the phenomenon of powder arching, discharge port material agglomerates, butterfly valve opening is too small, the powder tank material is insufficient, easy to cause the cement tank unloading and lag.
  • Treatment method: open the arch breaking device at the bottom of the cement silo and continue to blow air into the material to reduce the gravity at the bottom caused by material deposition or accumulation; Carefully check the opening of the cement tank drain tank valve to make the disc fully open; Check whether the powder in the cement tank is agglomerated; Observe whether the powder in the cement tank is lower than the small storage position through the high and low level gauge, and update the material timely.

As long as a new user's cement silo has these two common problems, a comparison can be made based on the above solutions.

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