Small Batching Plant for Small Residential Project

Small Batching Plant for Small Residential Project

In various small residential projects around the world, the demand for concrete is gradually increasing. The reason is that the public has higher and higher requirements for housing quality and seismic performance. Some key structures of low-rise houses mostly use reinforced concrete structures, such as load-bearing walls, weighing, stairs, etc. In the past six months, many customers have asked me about concrete batching plants suitable for small residential project. I'd like list some some typical problems here for referece, if you also need this kind of batching plant, please contact me.

What is the best size of a batching plant for Small Residential Project

This is a different problem for different project, generally speaking, the batching plant is mainly selected by the amount of concrete in the project. This means you need to determine how much concrete will be used in the project, and how long the project cycle will be, You should get answers from the project designer.

Once the concrete usage is determined, we can give you professional advice and help you choose the right concrete batching plant.

From our experience, the concrete batching plant used in small housing construction projects generally produces less than 60 cubic meters of concrete per hour, we have 3 models of batching plants meet the requirements.

What is the price of the batching plant

Although there are not many batching models suitable for residential projects, but each model can be changed according to the actual situation. For example, some clients need a 60-ton cement silo, some need a 100-ton cement silo, and some directly use a simple cement hopper. In addition, different delivery locations and delivery conditions will also cause price differences. This means that even the same model, the price will be different.

Some customers ask us to send quotations for all types of batching plants, this is an unprofessional request (see What is the Price of Concrete Batching Plant?). Even though I sent all the quotations, it does not have any reference significance, Because purchasing a batching plant is not as simple as buying a car. You can see that no manufacturer puts the price of the batching plant on their website, it doesn’t make any sense to do so.

My own house needs to be built, please recommend a batching plant

A small amount of housing construction does not require purchase a batching plant, we recommend you buy commercial concrete, this can save you a lot of money. We recommend that you setup a concrete batching plant yourself only when the price of the commercial concrete exceeds the cost of using the concrete batching plant.

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