Sicoma Concrete Batching Plant TurboMix 50

Sicoma Concrete Batching Plant TurboMix 50

Sicoma is a famous Italian concrete mixer manufacturer. The MAO series mixers they manufacture are widely accepted by the market. Many large-scale batching plants use mixers provided by Sicoma. As a well-known manufacturer of concrete mixing plants, not only Sicoma, many internationally renowned brands are our core suppliers.

Here I'd like to introduce one of our best seller concrete batching plant equiped with Sicoma mixer TurboMix 50.

YCZG's Concrete Batching Plant TurboMix 50 is excellent for working directly on construction sites and is a good alternative to mobile concrete plants. Firstly, it occupies a minimum of space on the construction site – no more than 200 m2 will be required to install all the plants. Secondly, it has a modular design: upon completion of work, the control system can be dismantled and transported to another facility within 5 days.

The "heart" of the Sicoma batching plant is the twin-shaft forced-action concrete mixer Sicoma MAO 1500/1000. This twin-shaft concrete mixer is equipped with all necessary dispensers, sensors, a flushing system, and even illuminators of the mixing chamber (optional).

All equipment of the concrete plant operates under the control of Computer. Automated control system minimizes production costs, eliminates the human factor and allows you to produce high quality products. At the same time, only one person can serve the production.

An additional set of RBU includes a cement silo of 60 tons. The silo for cement produced by YCZG is equipped with security systems, filtration, vibration ventilation, level control, as well as a screw conveyor for cement of the manufacturer WAM GROUP. 

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