Reasons for price difference in concrete mixing plant

Reasons for price difference in concrete mixing plant

Concrete Batching Plant Price

When buying a concrete mixing plant,the customer is most concerned about the price. In fact, the key factor of how much the concrete mixing station depends on the customer's needs. Generally, the concrete mixing station of a large concrete production line must be a combination of multiple large-scale commercial concrete mixing stations. The investment in the mixing station equipment is several million or more. The construction of the site and various budgets may add tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of investments. If the customer's demand is small and medium-sized production line, the annual output of less than 1 million square meters, or even less than 500,000 square meters of mixing station investment generally choose a single set of concrete mixing station, equipment investment is more than two million.

Applications of different types of concrete mixing plants

The price, power, and equipment of different types of commercial concrete are different. The average user buys a small commercial concrete mixing station, while the small commercial concrete mixing station is generally used in rural construction or paving roads. The large-scale commercial concrete mixing plant is mainly used for commercial or national water conservancy,highways,high-rise buildings and so on.

The current concrete mixing stations mainly include commercial concrete mixing stations, engineering concrete mixing stations, mobile concrete mixing stations, and simple concrete mixing stations. The commercial concrete mixing station is suitable for large-scale commercial concrete production enterprises. The engineering concrete mixing station is suitable for highways, airstrips, railways, high-speed rails and various engineering projects. The simple mixing station is suitable for small and medium-sized engineering projects and the rural market. The mobile mixing station is suitable for In projects with short construction period, small amount of engineering and long engineering lines. Among them, commercial concrete mixing stations are often used in urban development and renovation. Most of the construction of new rural areas uses engineering concrete mixing stations and simple concrete mixing stations. The cost of mobile mixing stations is mostly used for export.

Concrete Mixing Plant FAQ

Q: Is the metering system of the HZS90 concrete mixing plant used for separate metering?

A: According to the industry standard, the measurement of all raw materials of HZS90 concrete mixing plant is a separate measurement method. If there is any way for the manufacturer to use the cumulative measurement of any kind of raw materials, beware of spending money.

Q: Which is better for the HZS50 type concrete mixing plant equipment? Good reputation with good quality.

A: There are many manufacturers of concrete mixing stations in China. Well-known manufacturers include Henan Yicheng Heavy Industry Machinert Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Q: Can the JS1000 Hybrid Blender be used alone? High efficiency?

A: The JS1000 concrete mixer is theoretically used to mix concrete, but the efficiency is not as high as that of the complete equipment. It is generally not recommended for the user to use it.

Q: What are the configurations of the standard HZS180 concrete mixing plant?

A: For this question, the author can only answer briefly, the configuration is as follows: 3000 host one, frame set, PLS4800 four warehouse separate metering machine, water metering set, cement metering – set, admixture metering set, powder A set of coal ash metering, 4 sets of 200T powder tanks, 4 sets of LSY325 * 9M pump, a set of pneumatic system, a set of standard control room for automatic computer control system, external enclosure – set, control room – set.

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