Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Ready mix concrete

Ready mix concrete is fresh concrete produced by a commercial concrete mixing plant and sold in commodity form to construction sites for construction.

Advantages of using ready mix concrete

  1. The quality is more stable than on-site concrete mixing.
  2. In line with the development trend of environmental protection and conservation, reducing the environmental pollution of the construction site.
  3. Help speed up the construction progress.

Characteristics of ready mix concrete

  • It cannot be stored for a long time, which must be poured from the beginning of mixing to the beginning of solidification.
  • It takes a long time from the beginning of delivery to the formation of finished products.

The quality of the product is the result of the mutual cooperation between the mixing plant and the construction unit, not determined by the mixing plant unilaterally.

Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Ready mix concrete batching plant models

The models of ready-mixed concrete mixing plant and ordinary stationary concrete mixing plant are HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180.

Capacity also varies from 25m3/h to 360m3/h.

Application of ready-mixed concrete batching plant

Ready-mix concrete mixing plant is commercial concrete mixing plant, so the main purpose is to sell concrete.

Price of ready mix concrete batching plant

Since it is not a single equipment but a complete set of equipment, the specific price of the equipment is related to the configuration, such as the number of cement silos, the number of screw conveyors, the number of batching machine silos and so on, which are determined according to the needs of the users, not a uniform standard, so if you want to know the specific price of ready-mixed concrete mixing plant, you should contact us to provide the specific needs, then we can give you a specific configuration list and quotation.

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