Portable Mobile Concrete Plant for Africa market

Portable Mobile Concrete Plant for Africa market

YCZG, the leader in portable concrete plant and equipment, brings its customers together with mobile plants that are easy to install and able to adapt to any environment. Mobile concrete plants enable them to increase their profits and keep efficiency at the highest level.

Among the manufacturers of the portable concrete plant and fixed concrete plant, YCZG  produces concrete plants and equipment that will meet all the needs of the concrete industry and stands out with its extensive R&D studies, its products that are specially designed for projects with different volumes and its affordable prices.

YCZG Portable Concrete Plant

YCZG’s portable concrete plant models allow contractors to take action within a short time frame. In this way, it disables the time-consuming factors such as planning and installation.

YCZG’s mobile concrete plant stays one step ahead of their competitors in terms of reducing the impact on the environment.

The advantages of a portable concrete batching plant are countless! Some of those are as follows:

It is designed to be completely self-sufficient. It does not need extra power supply.

It takes minimum space in the work area and easily adapts to any environment.

It can be established and started its activities in a short time like a day.

It is suitable for every project with its capacity options ranging from 25m3 to 120m3.

It reduces fuel, labor and extra equipment costs.

Concrete Batching Plant

What are Components of Mobile Concrete Batch Plant?

Mobile concrete mixing plant contains all the equipment in a fixed concrete batching plant. These equipment and systems are as follows:

Concrete mixer: It is the most important part of the concrete plant. The mobile plants produced with the options of Pan Mixer or Double Shaft Mixer should be chosen according to wet, dry or whichever aggregate concrete will be mixed.

Weighing system: The weighing system has a significant impact on production costs, and also determines how high quality concrete will be. It is important to control the weighing system with electronic scales and a computer system.

Transport system: There are two different types of transport systems that are hopper and band. Belt conveying system is preferred more because of its high capacity. YCZG portable concrete batching plant can be selected in different types of transport that are hopper and band.

Storage system: The storage system, generally referred to as silo, is made of waterproof and high quality of steel material.

Control system: It is a system that provides the opportunity to control the entire production process, which reduces labor costs and facilitates the quality control mechanism.

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