Multi-Layer Paving Stone Machine

Multi-Layer Paving Stone Machine

A Multi-Layer machine utilizes a vibratory compaction system with a dry cast concrete mix. The Multi-Layer is primarily and best used for the production of interlocking street pavers. The unique advantage of this system is the ability to stack the freshly formed pavers directly on top of each other during the manufacturing process. Therefore, this system requires no production pallets and takes up very little plant space. By forming layers of the freshly made pavers on top of each other, the machinery is creating a cube of pavers the same size as a finished product cube.

After the cube of pavers have been produced and cured overnight they are brought back to a piece of machinery that squeezes the cube tightly together leaving no spaces between the pavers. At this time in the process the cube is banded tightly and taken to the storage yard for future shipping. This eliminates any need for automated cubing systems commonly used with Stationary Pallet machines.

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