Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Quotes

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Quotes

The YCZG's mobile concrete plant is characterized by its compact structure. The most important functions of the plant include raw material distribution, dosing, lifting and mixing are integrated on one trailer chassis. Easy to install and quickly switch from one construction site to another. It is capable of bridges, roads, dams and airports and other structures.

Description of the mobile concrete plant

1. The mobile concrete plant consists of aggregate feed systems, weighing, mixing and electrical control.

2. It can store 2-4 types of raw materials at the same time, has two to four bins, a screw conveyor and a loader for supplying raw materials.

3. Electronic weight for measurement and two-horizontal-axial mixing unit.

4. The electric system is equipped with IPC and PLY, printer and so on, in order to realize centralized control and general management;

5. Real-time display, information storage and automatic fall leveling during production;

6. It can be controlled by computer or manually, and then can be easily converted using a switch;

7.Mobile mixing plant adopts semi-stretching structure with running system and standard coupling pin. It can drag the trailer. Convenient transportation and without requiring a foundation, the concrete plant can be divided into several standard modules and packed in containers.

1. Packing and transport: standard packaging for the export of goods and for transport on the road.

2. Warranty period: 730 days after installation

3. Terms of payment: 100%.

4. Delivery time: 25 days after advance payment.

5. At the request of the client, we can send the engineer for installation at the client. Detailed information will be by agreement of both parties.

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