Jaw Crusher for sale in Zimbabwe

Jaw Crusher for sale in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, it is difficult to purchase a jaw crusher from abroad, and we YCZG Africa is focused on providing African customers with high-quality, cost-effective equipment, coupled with our extensive experience, can help you solve practical problems. Let me introduce our jaw crusher to you.

Jaw crusher is a universal machine designed for crushing various materials. This crusher is used for the effective crushing of rocks, regardless of the level of their depravity, slag and some metal-containing materials. A jaw crusher can be also used to crush viscoelastic materials such as polymers, wood and soft metal alloys.

The particle size of the crushed material at the inlet can be no more than 1500 mm. At the same time, the particle size at the outlet reaches 10 mm. Thus, the jaw crusher can be used in the process of primary and secondary stage. The principle of operation of the device is based on the movement of two crushing cheeks, between which the processed material is located.

One of the modifications of this equipment is the jaw crusher, which is used for large crushing of solid materials, mainly rocks, with a compressive strength of not more than 300 MPa. SMD crushers, as well as other jaw crushers, have a number of advantages in comparison with other types. So, for example, jaw crushers are characterized by a compact design, combined with a small mass, allows you to effectively use this type of device in a confined space.

The price of jaw crusher is determined by the performance of the device and the manufacturer’s brand. 

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