HZS180 Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale in Myanmar

HZS180 Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale in Myanmar

HZS180 Concrete Mixing Plant in Yangon,Myanmar

Recently, in Yangon, Myanmar, a YCZG HZS180 concrete mixing plant was erected in the center of the city, helping the construction of a large shopping mall.

YCZG Concrete Mixing Plant Advantages

High efficiency

Advanced mixing technology, producing high quality concrete in just 20 seconds, more than 20% more efficient than ordinary mixers.

Low energy

The energy consumption of the whole machine can be more than 15% compared to ordinary concrete mixer.

High precision

High-performance pneumatic components are fast, accurate and reliable metering.

More reliable

Embedded computer for more stable control system operation in extreme environments. 

Concrete batching plant manufacturer in Myanmar

YCZG Myanmar Concrete Mixing Plant is easy to install, more reliable, easy to diagnose faults and easy to maintain, which further improves the safety performance of the plant; meanwhile, the service personnel stationed in the local market have the right skills and timely service, which not only enhances the popularity of YCZG concrete machinery, but also gets the high recognition and praise from the local customers.

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