HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant for sale in Manila , Philippines

HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant for sale in Manila , Philippines

YCZG at Construction Machinery Philippines (Asia) Exhibition

In November last year, YCZG took part in the Construction Machinery Philippines (Asia) Exhibition in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, which is hosted by Global-Link and held once a year since 2006. In the exhibition, we met Jejomar, who is the manager of a construction company in the Philippines.In order to expand the company's business, he wants to purchase a set of concrete mixing plant, according to the specific project, our sales manager recommended HZS120 concrete mixing plant to him.

HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant for sale in Manila

The HZS120 concrete mixing plant purchased by our customers in Manila has advanced technology and excellent performance,it adopts the latest Sicoma MAO2000 concrete mixer, which has strong mixing, short mixing time and high efficiency.

HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant Advantages

  • High wear-resistant alloy mixing arms. Latest mixer technology, advanced technology, equipped with high wear-resistant alloy mixing arms for high abrasion resistance and impact resistance.
  • Oil-free shaft end sealing system. The mixing machine is not necessary to inject any lubricating oil, saving the cost of the mixing plant and causing no pollution to the concrete.
  • Advanced management system. Remote management, user rights can be assigned, and the management process is more scientific.

HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant Income Expectation

The 120m³/h Concrete Batching Plant has good return on investment, with an annual production of about 240,000 cubic meters of concrete (8 hours of work per day, 300 days of work per year), and an annual sales volume of 120,000 cubic meters, which will generate a profit of US$1.51 million per year.

Concrete batching plant warranty and after-sales service

YCZG equipment is guaranteed for one year (except for wearing parts and man-made parts), YCZG has many years of experience in the construction of mixing plants and a perfect after-sales service system!

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