How to treat the sewage from the concrete batching plant?

How to treat the sewage from the concrete batching plant?

In the process of the concrete batching plant production operations, which will continue to exclude sewage. As we know, these sewage is a bad effect on the enterprise or the surrounding environment, so the concrete mixing plant sewage treatment is imminent. How about the sewage from the concrete mixing plant?How much do you know about it?

In fact, the concrete batching plant strictly speaking is not sewage, just need to be treated after the use.The water cleaned by the mixing machine and the water cleaned by the mixing truck contains certain cement, coal ash, sand and aggregate. Generally, the water needs to be introduced into the sand separator through channels or pipelines for separation. The sand and gravel aggregate is then introduced into the sedimentation tank for precipitation, and then it can enter the reuse sewage tank.

After the precipitation of the wastewater, the surface of the clean water can be used for a second time, because at this time the water containing additives on the production of concrete has no adverse effect, so can reduce the cost.In addition, the secondary use of clean water can also be used to clean the site dust, keep the environment clean.

The sewage treatment for the concrete batching plant can not only reduce the damage to the surrounding environment, but also reduce the cost of cleaning the site, make efforts for the construction project environmental protection cause, reduce pollution and protect the environment.

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