How to start a small concrete business?

How to start a small concrete business?

Selling concrete is a lucrative business in many parts of the world. For those just starting out in this business, there is a high risk of setting up a large concrete batching plant, so we recommend setting up a small concrete batching plant to start your concrete business.

Advantages of a small concrete batching plant

More flexible, not only can you sell concrete to the public, but you can also use it to produce concrete blocks and other precast concrete products by adding other equipment.

The initial investment cost is much lower. Small batching plants have a small footprint, low land cost and much lower equipment price.

It is easy to change hands and if you don't want to continue operation at a later stage, the small plant is easier to sell.

How to start a small concrete business?

First, find the right target market and customers. If you can find customers before you buy the equipment, your business will be 80% successful.

Second, find a place to start your business, an open space to install the equipment and place the raw materials. There is a positive correlation between the size of the site and the size of the plant. We recommend a land area of 2,000 square meters or more for a small concrete plant in order to do business better. In some countries and regions, you will need an administrative permit for the site to conduct your business.

Third, find a quality equipment supplier, you need to buy concrete mixing plant, optional equipment include concrete mixing tanker, concrete pump, etc.. Equipment suppliers are usually from Europe or China. European equipment is of good quality, but more expensive. Chinese equipment has no less quality than European, but the price is very competitive, Chinese equipment is the first choice for many developing countries.

Fourth, look for high quality raw material suppliers, including cement, sand and gravel aggregate, additives, etc. For small concrete business, we recommend you to buy these raw materials from other suppliers than these few production. Raw material procurement is a long-term investment, and finding quality and inexpensive suppliers is essential to reduce the long-term operating costs of the mixing plant.

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