How to select JS concrete mixer

How to select JS concrete mixer

To select a suitable concrete mixer, we need to make reasonable purchase according to our own production scale, construction length, auxiliary equipment, management function, etc. when selecting, we also need to pay attention to the reputation of suppliers and the cost performance of machines.  Common concrete mixers include continuous concrete mixer,Self Loading Concrete Mixer,Flat Pan Concrete Mixer, forced mixer, etc. the following is a detailed introduction.

How to choose a suitable concrete mixer

Production scale

The production capacity of concrete mixing equipment is judged according to the production scale. Annual output 200000 m? Below, the productivity of concrete mixing equipment is generally not less than 90m/ h; The annual output is 200000 ~ 300000 m?, The productivity of concrete mixing equipment is generally 120m/ h; Annual output 300000 m? Above, the productivity of concrete mixing equipment is generally 150m/ H or 200m/ h。

Accessory equipment

Select the specifications and working dimensions of the concrete mixer according to the equipped equipment. The loading capacity of the mixer truck shall match the discharge capacity of the mixer. Improper matching will affect the work efficiency. The loading capacity of the loader shall match the loading height of the batching plant of the concrete mixing plant.

Management function

If intensive network management is adopted, the network management function of concrete mixing equipment shall be considered to avoid difficulties in future upgrading.

Technical performance of equipment

Mainly from the advanced, reliable, excellent and versatile aspects of the equipment. The equipment shall have the characteristics of advanced working principle, high degree of automation, powerful management function and good environmental protection performance. The equipment shall have excellent configuration, reliable control mode, strong applicability and good maintainability. In addition, high measurement accuracy, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, large use of standard parts and good interchangeability should be considered.

Supplier reputation

Mainly including whether the installation and commissioning are strict; Whether technical guidance and training are in place; Whether the after-sales service is timely; Whether the supply of spare parts is sufficient, the high-quality manufacturer of Qingdao New Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is worthy of favor.

Performance price ratio

It is unwise to pursue the technical performance of equipment in an all-round way, which will increase unnecessary investment, but only pursuing low investment and reducing the technical performance of equipment will increase the use cost, which is also undesirable. The comprehensive performance of imported equipment in the domestic market is high, but the price is also expensive. Although the comprehensive performance of several domestic well-known brands of domestic equipment can not be compared with that of imported equipment, the configuration of key parts also generally adopts imported components. The main working performance is not much worse than that of imported equipment, but the price is much lower. A more reasonable approach is to choose the appropriate performance price ratio.

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