How to Reduce the Impact of Windy Weather on Cement Silo

How to Reduce the Impact of Windy Weather on Cement Silo

Cement silo is a large enclosed storage tank, because its working properties ,the use of it need to be exposed to outdoor for a long time, and the silo body of cement silo is generally relatively high, and its silo body only depends on four thin legs to support, so it has a greater impact on the cement silo in windy weather. So how to reduce the impact of windy weather on cement silo?

The influence of windy weather on cement silo

   1. In windy weather, the foundation of fixed cement tank not only bears the weight of cement tank itself and its inner cement, but also resists the side force formed by windy weather. If the foundation is not strong, there will be a risk of collapse of cement tanks.

   2. The cement silo will bear a lot of cement during its use, which will increase its weight. The pressure on the support leg will be very high. In windy weather, the pressure on the support leg will be increased. In serious cases, the support structure of the cement silo will be damaged.

   3. Strong wind also has the risk of slip damage to the supporting facilities of cement silo.

Protective treatment

   1. In windy weather, only by installing pile caps on cement silo and adding double-layer steel mesh with a foundation thickness of more than 2 m in the pile caps, can the damage to cement silo be effectively prevented and cured.

   2. The method of fixing the cement silo with several 16 mm diameter steel wire ropes around the cement silo is adopted to prevent the problem. When fixing the cement tank, the angle between the air-pulling rope and the silo body is within the range of 45 to 60.

   3. Four legs can be added adjacent to each cement tank leg to avoid the impact of windy weather on the cement tank.

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