How to Manage the Concrete Batching Plant Well in Guinea

How to Manage the Concrete Batching Plant Well in Guinea

How to Manage the Concrete Batching Plant Well in Guinea
It is easy to set up a concrete batching plant, but it is not easy to manage it well. If you want to make good profit from concrete mixing plant, then you must do everything better than others. In fact, for the management of the mixing station, personnel management is the top priority. The owner of each newly-built concrete batching plant is scratching his head about personnel management. He does not know how to formulate a good rule. If the staff in various positions do not have a relevant regulation to restrict it, it will lead to poor work efficiency, slow project progress and so on. So how to manage the batching plant ? The batching plant capacity and staff quantities are uncertain, so I'll give the core point to the managers.

1. Be responsible for the daily management of the concrete batching plant. And supervise and manage the quality, safety, civilization, environmental protection and concrete production.
2. Host the assessment and evaluation of the concrete batching plant workers, reward or punish staffs according to system formulated by the concrete batching plant.
3. Grasp material requirements and quality standards, and organize on-site management of raw materials and concrete production.
4. Organizing regular maintenance of the equipment.
5. Organizing all staffs participate in technical exchanges, learn construction techniques, master production points and operation skills.
6. Organizing the coordination of equipment, materials and production departments to ensure the normal production of concrete after receiving the concrete application form from the relevant department in the work area
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