How to Install a Concrete Mixing Plant in Africa

How to Install a Concrete Mixing Plant in Africa

The concrete mixing plant is an overall device for producing concrete to meet the needs of infrastructure such as highways, buildings, and docks. Therefore, it's the key point to have a reasonable installation after the user purchased the concrete mixing plant.
The concrete mixing plant installation normal steps are as follows:
1. The installation of concrete mixing plant should be installed under the guidance of professional and technical personnel. In order to install the concrete mixing plant timely, after consulting with the mixing plant supplier, the purchaser should carry out a detailed plan according to the supplier's recommendations and his own situation. When the purchaser received the mixing plant, the concrete mixing plant supplier or manufacturer will send its technicians to the user's site to guide the installation process.

2. After the concrete mixing plant is connected, you need to check the installation status of each part one by one. Electrical system, operating system, mechanical system, power supply line, etc. After confirming that the connection is correct and fixed firmly, organize debugging with the assistance of technical staff.
3. After the concrete mixing plant has been successfully commissioned, check the equipment operation condition one by one. When all technical performance indicators meet the requirements, the mixing plant could be put into production. YCZG is a experienced concrete mixing plant manufacturer, it has sold hundreds of batching plants, its engineers has helped many customers install concrete mixing plant in Africa.

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