How to Improve the Using Life of Concrete Batching Plant

How to Improve the Using Life of Concrete Batching Plant

YCZG Machinery independently produces, develops, and owns a number of concrete batching plant equipment that can work well, and it is inseparable from the meticulous maintenance. When concrete batching plant equipment is carefully cared like human beings, it can greatly increase the using life of its equipment and effectively reduce the frequency of machine failures. Therefore, the technical in YCZG Construction Machinery have summarized followed key point, we hope these will help you guys.

Cleaning Equipment after Each Use of the Mixing Plant

  • Clean up the dust accumulation inside and outside of the mixing tank, and cleaning the concrete residue of discharge port, mixing shaft, and discharge door. Rinse these areas with water. If necessary, add a small amount of stones and water to mix for a few minutes and then release. In addition, clean the additive box and other components.
  • In the rain and snow season, after the batching plant is used, the water pump, additive pump, water tank, additive tank should be drained to prevent damage to the pump and its pipeline, and start water pump runs for 1 to 2 minutes.

Something Needs to Do Every Week

  • Check whether the manual oil pump needs to be filled with grease or not
  • Each lubrication point must be lubricated
  • Check the wear of blades, scrapers, mixing arms and other parts, adjust the gap or replace if necessary
  • Check whether the bolts at the connection part of the vibrator are loose or not
  • Check the quality of lubricating oil of the air compressor. Replace if necessary.
  • Check whether the electrical appliance are damaged or burned out

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