How to choose a crusher?

How to choose a crusher?

How to choose a crusher?

The crusher is an indispensable piece of sand making equipment in the sand production line. When choosing a crusher, full consideration should be given to the type of material to be crushed, hardness, humidity, specifications, inlet and outlet size, output and construction site. Here is an introduction to each of them.

Hardness of the material

The harder the material, the more difficult it is to crush. For hard or medium-hard ores, a jaw crusher should be selected as the primary crushing equipment, while for medium-hard or soft ores, a cone or impact crusher should be selected.

Size of the material

If the size of the material is large, a jaw crusher should be used as the primary crushing plant. When the size of the stone is small, other crushing plants should be used in combination, such as a jaw crusher plus a cone or impact crusher.

Moisture content of the material

When choosing a crusher, attention should also be paid to the moisture content of the material. The moisture content will lead to an increase in the humidity of the material, which will increase the viscosity of the material and reduce the discharge speed of the material, making the production line rate lower. In serious cases, it may lead to blockage of the discharge port, causing the crusher to block the material and affecting the normal operation of the Stationary Crushing Plant.

The degree of development of ore decomposition

The degree of development of ore decomposition will affect the production capacity of the crusher, because the ore is broken along the decomposition surface when crushing, so the production efficiency of the crusher will be higher for the ore with developed decomposition.

Inlet and outlet size

One of the most important factors in choosing the type and level of crushing plant is the inlet and outlet size. If the feed size is large, but the discharge size is small, it is necessary to use secondary or multi-stage crushing, if the ore feed size is small, it is generally not necessary to use multi-stage crushing.

If the material in the crushed material is larger than the size of the discharge opening or the width of the feed opening, the ratio of the particle size of the material before and after crushing is large, and the crushing ratio to be achieved by the crusher increases, which will lead to a reduction in the productivity of the crusher, and conversely, if the crushing ratio is small, the productivity of the crusher will increase accordingly.

Yield requirement

The output requirement of the production line is an important indicator to determine the crushing equipment. If the customer's production output requirement is large, the larger the crushing equipment specification and model required, the more capital investment and output of the production line will increase.

Construction site

The construction site is the most direct influence on the choice of crusher equipment, the construction site refers to the size of the production line site, the specific location of the crushing equipment installation.

  The above gives you the 7 factors to pay attention to when choosing a crusher, there are more types of crushers, in the face of a wide range of products how to pick the right production equipment is very critical, only choose the right crusher, in order to improve the production efficiency of the sand production line, to obtain good economic benefits.

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