How to build concrete batching plant

How to build concrete batching plant

Concentrated concrete mixing, centralized management of raw materials and mixing quality of concrete is an effective way to improve concrete quality and eliminate common defects in structural engineering concrete. Therefore, in the road and bridge project, the concrete batching plant is usually built in the work area to concentrate the concrete. So what are the places to pay attention to in the construction of standardized concrete batching plants? The author below answers for you.

1, from the overall layout, the flat terrain and the large amount of concrete used for the contract plant, the larger the construction of the concrete batching plant, the wider the site. However, in the limited contract section of the mountainous area and land use, the construction of the concrete batching plant must be adapted to local conditions and the layout is reasonable. In general, the layout should be reasonable, and the functional divisions of the batching plant are clear and clear.

2. According to the needs of the project, the batching plant shall set up a collection bin with the capacity to meet the requirements. The materials of different specifications shall be stacked in sections, and the information such as the name, specification, quantity and quality status of various materials shall be clearly identified on the partition wall; Set up a rainproof shed, use cement concrete hard bottoming, set the ground drainage cross slope of not less than 4%, the drainage system in the warehouse is perfect, and the site is clean and tidy.

3. The mixing hopper of the mixer is equipped with a closed rainproof shed (some hoppers and rain sheds are connected with the canopy of the collection bin) to prevent the aggregate from being wetted by rainwater on the feeding hopper to ensure stable water content of the aggregate. And set a conspicuous aggregate specification and collection bin number on the feeding hopper and rainproof shed to facilitate the corresponding loading and prevent the wrong loading from affecting the concrete quality. According to the width of the feed hopper, the width of the hopper on the forklift is narrowed to match the width of the mixer hopper to prevent the problem of splicing when the forklift is loaded.

At present, a highway pays attention to the construction of concrete batching plant. Therefore, according to the scale and characteristics of each project, it is necessary to adapt to local conditions, rational site selection, unified planning, and environmental protection. It meets the requirements of “double standard management” and has its own characteristics to achieve the purpose of specialization and standardization of concrete production.

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