How the cost of concrete plants is calculated?

How the cost of concrete plants is calculated?

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At present, there are two kinds of concrete mixing plants in the market: Commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete mixing plant mainly composed of small concrete plants, which are used for projects with large concrete demand. Commercial concrete mixing plant is mainly used as concrete mixing plant. The third party produces concrete for profit, because this concrete plant is directly related to the profits of the enterprise.

The cost of concrete for concrete batching plants.

1, The cost of raw materials: cement, sand, sand, gravel, fly ash, kuanfen, admixture, all material costs, calculated according to the ratio of proportions and raw material prices, can be simply calculated;


2. Transportation costs: mainly for the fuel consumption of various machines, mainly including concrete mixer truck, concrete pump, forklift and other costs can be calculated according to statistics.


3. Salary of workers: at present, the concrete batching plant has a high degree of automation. As a rule, there are fewer workers, the salaries of workers are closely related to investments in the local market.


4. Depreciation of equipment: the period of depreciation must be taken into account, such as the employer wants to reimburse the cost within 5 years, which is the total cost of the equipment, here is the depreciation cost in the concrete of each square.


5. Marketing costs: including all costs of selling commercial concrete, the cost should be controlled within the same volume.


6. Expenses for hydroelectricity and communications: including in the process of production and operation.


7. Consumable costs: concrete pump, S valve, etc., mixer lubricating oil, oil filtration, air filtration, tire consumption, etc., mixer pad, mixing arm, oil, etc.


8. Tax Expenses.


9. Allocation of the costs of the construction plant: with the scale of the construction plant and the total number has a close relationship.


10. Other costs: including office supplies, network costs, GPS costs, service fees, etc.


In general, the calculation of the concrete cost is complicated. We need to take into account the factors of various parties, then reasonably control some costs, reduce the cost of production, still contribute to realizing the profits of Concrete Mixing Plants.

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