How much does it cost to make a concrete block?

How much does it cost to make a concrete block?

This is determined by the cost of your local materials. You will need to know your cost per delivered ton of all your raw materials which includes cement, sand and rock. In addition, you will need to know the cost of any other ingredients you are including in a batch of concrete such as color, water and add mixtures. I can help you with this using my Cost of Goods sold program. This allows us to insert your specific material costs, the products you are considering to produce and your equipment investment. The program will then show you the actual cost for you to make each concrete product. I provide this program to my serious clients that know what equipment they are considering to purchase from me and also companies that I consult with in the concrete block and paving stone industry. This program was used with one of my startup customers to show the investors the profitability of the investment. The program was incorporated in their presentation which and helped them secure over four million dollars in Federal, state grant money and financial loans using this program.

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