How much does it cost to invest in a concrete mixing plant

How much does it cost to invest in a concrete mixing plant

Before investing in a concrete mixing plant people want to know how much a concrete mixing plant costs, will want to know the overall investment price, in fact, simply to build a mixing plant compared to operating an investment in a mixing plant to save a lot, because the construction of a mixing plant only requires the purchase of suitable mixing plant equipment for installation. In fact, in addition to the purchase of equipment, there are many places to count the investment, today we will do the math to see how much money to invest in a concrete mixing plant.

1.The cost of raw materials for mixing plant: 

cement, sand, sand, gravel, fly ash, mineral powder, additives and all other materials, which can be calculated relatively simply according to the ratio and unit price of raw materials.

2. Freight: 

mainly for the fuel consumption of various vehicles, mainly including the cost of mixer trucks, pump trucks, loaders, etc., which can generally be calculated through statistics.

3. Staff salary: 

generally the total salary of the staff of the concrete mixing plant unit is linearly related to the production volume, which depends on the wage level of each place and the situation of each enterprise.

4. Equipment depreciation: 

These need to consider the depreciation life, for example, the boss is set 5 years to recover costs, is the total amount of equipment / five years of expected production, that is, the equipment depreciation costs per square of concrete.

5. Marketing costs: 

including all the costs incurred by the marketing department in the sales process of concrete mixing plant, this cost should be controlled within a range.

6. Water, electricity and communication costs: 

These include the water, electricity and communication costs incurred during the production process of the concrete mixing plant and during the life and work of the employees in the unit, which are relatively fixed.

7. Consumables cost: 

the cost of certain consumables of concrete mixing plant, such as pump pipe of pump truck, S valve, etc., oil of mixer truck, oil filter, air filter, tire consumption, etc. (the same for pump truck and loader truck), liner of forced mixer, mixing arm, oil, etc.

8. Inspection costs: 

mainly the annual inspection costs of concrete mixing plant weighbridge, test equipment, inspection station inspection costs.

The above is the investment in concrete mixing plant in addition to equipment investment also need to consider a variety of operating several aspects of the cost, if you want to buy a concrete mixing plant, you can consult us!

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