How much does a small concrete crusher cost?

How much does a small concrete crusher cost?

Now most buildings will be used to concrete, there will be built and demolished, and with the implementation of various construction projects, there will be a large number of waste concrete, directly as rubbish is too bad, can not be crushed after the secondary use? How much does it cost to choose a small concrete crusher? Here to answer in detail.

"Make full use of every resource, adhere to the concept of sustainable development", has become the main direction of urban construction efforts, of course, these recyclable resources also include concrete, low cost, high profit, and small concrete crusher not only high production efficiency, and low prices, very adaptable to small and medium-sized enterprises and new friends to join, a wide range of machinery, models, there are conventional models of jaw crusher and impact crusher, and new intelligent models of mobile concrete crusher, according to the actual needs of reasonable purchase, prices vary slightly.

Small Concrete Crusher 

If it is a centralised site, with a large amount of raw materials and large production needs, choose this fixed type is very suitable, and the whole production line down the investment is not high, less than a year to pay back, need to configure the feeder, vibrating screen, conveyor and other equipment, need to be recycled from the broken site, transported to the processing site for processing, the construction needs to hit the ground pile.

Jaw Crusher:

 It can crush road concrete below 1m2 into about 60cm size, mainly used for coarse crushing, using the principle of extrusion crushing, deep crushing cavity and no dead zone, large feed size, high throughput, plus flywheel design, effectively reduce vibration, smoother operation, less production increase, equipped with gasket type discharge opening, can adjust the size of the size according to demand.

Impact Crusher

Crushes concrete blocks (below 80cm) into 12 or 13 stones after coarse crushing, and works with vibrating screens to process unqualified stones until they meet the requirements, using impact to crush materials, designed for different applications with rotor and crushing cavity type, the machine is rigid, the rotor has a large rotational inertia, the finished product is cubic, the grain shape is quite good, and the overall efficiency is high.

Mobile concrete crusher 

If you are contracted to recycle concrete at various sites, we recommend you choose this model, because the site is chaotic and each site is far away, the mobile crusher can be driven directly to each site, just a simple installation can work, the cycle time is short, also not delayed, one or two people can work, saving time and effort.

One machine can build a plant, the design is centralised, the process is simplified, the site is small, the site is tidy and organised, the vehicle electric control system, all the lines out of the plant has been connected to the debugging, to the site only need external power supply can be produced, plus the new automatic control system, to achieve a key adjustment, less operating costs, no other auxiliary equipment, and no need to drive the ground pile.

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