How is the environmental friendly concrete batching plant so dust free?

How is the environmental friendly concrete batching plant so dust free?

Dust pollution is a problem faced by many batching plants, and many batching plants have been shut down. However, the environmentally-friendly batching plant now produced can directly avoid this problem, so how can the environmentally-friendly batching plant be dust-free?

Off-site package sealing

The main part of the environmentally-friendly batching plant is sealed in a completely sealed outer casing, and the aggregate feeding belt conveyor is also packaged with color steel tiles to reduce the probability of dust being discharged into the atmosphere during the transportation of the aggregate. The dust discharged from the main part of the main part is installed after the dust collector is installed. The concentration is already small, and with the outer package, the atmospheric dust concentration discharged into the surrounding environment can control smaller indicators.

Host dust removal

The traditional main machine dust removal only introduces the traditional dust collector. The dust exhaust pipe of the mixer cover, cement metering bin and fly ash metering bin are connected with the dust collector, which can play a certain role in dust removal, but the effect is not good. The environmentally friendly batching plant is Considering the large instantaneous air pressure change of the main engine and the large airflow humidity, research and development of the negative pressure dust collector (including dehumidification function) can alleviate the instantaneous pressure increase during feeding, and at the same time filter the moisture to avoid the adhesion of the dust filter.

Cement silo dust removal

The traditional dust removal method is in the warehouse top bag type dust collector, and the effect is general. The environmentally friendly batching plant changes the bag type dust collector to the airflow backflushing dust collector, and on this basis, the pipe type dust collector is added, for the dust collector The gas stream is filtered again to further filter the atmosphere.

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