How do I maintain concrete mixer?

How do I maintain concrete mixer?

The safety and long-term operation of a concrete mixer is very important, but many people do not know how to take proper care of a concrete mixer in order to prolong its service life. Here is an explanation of how to take care of your concrete mixer ?

How to maintain the concrete mixer:

Please check the items before starting the machine

    1. Check that the body of the machine is smooth.

    2. The connecting screws on the blade and its support frame should be tightened immediately if they are loose. Especially if the machine is new and just used, it must be re-secured with the blade, sleeve and support arm bolts. Ensure that the clearance value between the blade and the liner is ≤ 5 mm.

    3. Are the attachment bolts on the load carrier secure?

    4. Is the pump outlet adequate and is the pipework even.

 Maintenance of the concrete mixer Each category

    1. clean the mixing tank inside and out, empty the door, dirt on the dirt and rinse well with water. The hopper must be free of deposits.

    2. Switch off the power supply and lock the electric control box.

    3. Add lubricant to each lubrication point.

    4. During the cold season, pay attention to the water supply system and conserve all water.

Check the bins weekly.

    1. Check the cables and wipe the surface with a little oil. Cables should be replaced when worn to a certain level.

    2. Check the gearbox oil level, heavy oil pump oil level and change the oil if necessary.

    3 To keep the water supply clean to avoid clogging, check the flush valve once.

    4. Make sure the rocker switch is loose, loose needs to be adjusted.

    5. Check that the blade, support arm linkage bolt is loose and adjust the clearance between the blade and the cylinder wall, the maximum clearance is 5mm.

    6. The motor and electrical wiring must not be loose, check the contacts of the AC contactor. The junction box must be free of dust and the limit switch must not have water.

    7. Loosen the lock and check the shaft end seals. If the sealing elements are damaged, they must be repaired or replaced.

 Check the load regularly.

    1. Check the winch motor brake and adjust accordingly.

    2. Check the open gear. Adjust the belt tension to prevent slippage.

    3. Check pumps and throttle valves for leaks.

    4. Check blades and liners for wear and replace if necessary.

    5. Check sensitivity and damage to disconnect switches and repair or replace as appropriate.

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