How cement silos work in the concrete batching plant

How cement silos work in the concrete batching plant

Cement silo is a cement warehouse. It is a large metal barrel, placed vertically on metal supports. At the bottom of the silo there is a cone so that the cement better falls out of the silo. The silo is loaded with cement through a pipe or sleeve, which runs from bottom to top to the top roof of the silo. A cement truck through this pipe through a compressor delivers cement to the silo with compressed air.

In this process, part of the cement can exit through the top silo valve mounted on the roof of the silo, so in order not to pollute the environment, you need to install a silo filter that will protect the atmosphere from cement dust. To find out the cement level in the silo, level sensors, lower and upper, are installed inside, and humidity sensors are sometimes installed.

Unloading of cement from the silo usually occurs through the lower cone-shaped part of the silo, into the auger. The auger is a screw conveyor for bulk materials. The transfer of material in it is carried out on the principle of an Archimedean screw. The auger goes from the bottom of the silo cone to the weight cement dispenser mounted above the concrete mixer. The cement dispenser is a small container suspended on load cells, when the desired weight is reached, the flow to the dispenser is stopped, and the cement from the dispenser enters the concrete mixer.

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