Energy saving, environment-friendly, efficient and reliable HZS concrete mixing plant

Energy saving, environment-friendly, efficient and reliable HZS concrete mixing plant

YCZG company has developed a new type of concrete mixing plant on the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar foreign products and learning from different experience. It adopts a double horizontal shaft concrete mixer, which can mix individual proportioned concrete through industrial computer and PLC automatic control system. It has the advantages of reasonable structural design, safe and reliable operation, good concrete mixing quality and fast and accurate calculation. It is an ideal production equipment for large-scale operation, highway, port, airport and other construction.


First of all, excellent shaping performance, high work efficiency and good quality. The fixed double mixer concrete mixing plant adopts modular structure, which is very convenient to move and low equipment cost; The main machine adopts JS double shaft concrete mixer with good mixing quality and high efficiency; Accurate measurement and high production efficiency. Cement, water, liquid ingredients and additives accept electronic weight and high-precision ingredients.

In addition, the submersible pump water supply system has the advantages of large water flow, uniform water spraying, simple structure and convenient maintenance; Conveyor belt is used for aggregate feeding, which has long service life and high efficiency; The electrical control system adopts imported components with reliable performance.


Secondly, the concrete mixing plant has a compact structure, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Concrete mixer

2. Complex dosing

3. Cement, water and admixture metering system

4. Aggregate feeding system

5. Control system


The new clean concrete plant has a unique process flow. During the design, it is required to load each hopper loader according to the process flow, open the hopper gate, the aggregate on the conveyor belt, the scale set on the belt, the quantitative weighing and supply discharge from the required units, and then the horizontal belt conveyor, which is used to gather and enter the mixing plant; The required powder is automatically and continuously weighed by the municipal power through the screw of the impeller electronic weighing meter installed on the screw of the balance electronic scale, and the screw conveyor enters the mixing plant; Mix the water flow in the water pump with the control valve and piping according to the specifications of the water nozzle as required, and evenly distribute it in the mixing station.

The propellers on the two mixing shafts in the mixer are mixed with each other in reverse two-stroke belt, and the receiving blades are up to the action of circumferential, radial and axial forces, so that the materials bear friction, shear, convection and heavy pressure, and are forced to mix and discharge the throat when the materials enter the discharge port in the machine. All kinds of materials are mixed evenly and contain water. Because the homogeneous materials fall on the inclined belt, To be compacted, the belt in the machine enters the hopper, which is opened before the arrival of the truck. After closing, it is controlled by the feed hopper, and the finished products are transported to the construction site.

Looking forward to the future, the company will be based on professional advantages, guided by the market, customer-centered, based on technological innovation and quality, and guaranteed by after-sales service, so as to make yczg become the first-class national brand.

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