Elkomix 60 Concrete Mixing Plant

Elkomix 60 Concrete Mixing Plant

High-performance Concrete Mixing Plant Elkomix 60 is perfect for work on construction sites. Firstly, the modularity of the design provides mobility to it – upon completion of work, the Elkomix 60 can be dismantled and transported to another facility within 5 days. Secondly, it takes up a minimum of space at the construction site – no more than 200 m2 will be required to install all the concreteplant. Elkomix 60 concrete batching plant (60 m3 / hour of concrete per hour) allows you to continuously carry out the construction of a multi-storey building or cottage complex or other projects like tunnels, bridges, water conservancy.

Elkomix 60 is equipped with a twin shaft concrete mixer of domestic production, with a capacity of 60 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Its distinguishing features are its robust design, ease of maintenance, small overall dimensions and weight.

All concrete plants of the YCZG are fully automated. YCZG engineers created their own automated process control system, which significantly increases the plant's productivity. It eliminates the cost overrun of materials, waste due to personnel errors and other problems in the production of concrete. In addition, the automatic process control system itself controls the formulation, which makes it possible to produce a product of uniform quality.

Screw feeder concrete plant canbe Italian production or maded by Ourself. This equipment is made of high-quality carbon steel, equipped with a reliable electric drive.

Elkomix 60 is equipped with dispensers for water, aggregate, cement manufactured by YCZG, as well as a dispenser of chemical additives or a flow meter of your choice.

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