Elkomix 35 Concrete Batching Plant

Elkomix 35 Concrete Batching Plant

Elkomix 35 Batching Plant is the most compact concrete mixing plants of the YCZG Company. Due to its characteristics, price and size, the Elkomix 35 concrete mixing Plant are in demand among small construction companies and novice entrepreneurs.

Elkomix 35 Plant are actively used to work directly on construction sites, since the modular design allows you to dismantle and transport the batching plant from one facility to another within 3 days. 

The nominal productivity of the Elkomix 35 Concrete Mixing Plant is 30 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Elkomix 35 Batching Plant consists of a two-shaft forced-action concrete mixer, water dispensers, chemical additives, cement. All dispensers are manufactured by Ourself. 

Delivery of aggregate from the feed hopper to the concrete mixer is carried out by a skip hoist. The compressor is responsible for maintaining the required pressure in the pneumatic system.

Like all YCZG's concrete plants, the Elkomix 35 Plant is fully automated. The automated concrete production control system developed by our engineers works on the basis of the controller which you can specify the brand. Automated process control system allows producing products of uniform quality, minimizes costs and completely eliminates the human factor. But most importantly, one employee is enough to operate the batching plant at full capacity!

Advantages of Elkomix 35 Batching Plant

  1. Concrete plants Elkomix 35  is an excellent solution for work on small construction projects: they have a small power consumption (not more than 70 kW), occupy a minimum area on a construction site, are transported by two eurotrucks (including a silo for cement) and are mounted within 5 days.
  2. All the key structural elements of the concrete plant are designed and manufactured by Ourself. All buyers receive a two-year warranty on concrete equipment and life-time maintenance of industrial control systems.
  3. The low cost of the concrete plant allows you to quickly return the investment in the purchase.

Delivery time of equipment: from 15 working days (the period can be reduced, check with managers for the availability of equipment). The construction of the Elkomix 35 concrete plant and the debugging of the concrete production line – at least 3 days.

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