Economical Onsite Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Economical Onsite Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

YCZG's onsite concrete batching plant is a small-sized equipment for the production of concrete and mixtures, which does not require long terms of installation and dismantling. It allows you to install it on construction sites that do not have a large supply of free space. Undoubtedly, on-site concrete plants are in demand for small construction contractors. These onsite batching plants are equipped with compulsory concrete mixers, which allows producing high-quality homogeneous concrete in a short time.

YCZG's onsite batching plants are also classified as "economy class" equipment, which will enable you to buy a concrete plant at a price of 20,000 US dollars.

HZS25 Onsite Batching Plant

Productivity 25 m³/hour
Aggregate Charging Mode Skip
Concrete Mixer JS500 Twin Shaft
Batching Machine PLD800
Number &Capacity of Aggregate Bins 3x4m³ / 2x4m³

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HZS35 Onsite Batching Plant

Productivity 35 m³/hour
Aggregate Charging Mode Skip
Concrete Mixer JS750 Twin Shaft
Batching Machine PLD1200
Number &Capacity of Aggregate Bins 3x5m³ / 2x5m³

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HZS50 Onsite Batching Plant

Productivity 50 m³/hour
Aggregate Charging Mode Skip/Belt
Concrete Mixer JS1000 Twin Shaft
Batching Machine PLD1600
Number &Capacity of Aggregate Bins 3x7m³ / 2x7m³

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The compulsory concrete mixer is capable of produce high quality ready-mixed concrete. The automated dosing system for inert materials allows you to measure the required amount of crushed stone and sand and exactly follow the selected concrete mix ratio. Loading into the mixer is carried out by means of a bucket (skip), which greatly simplifies the production process. Thus, an on-site mini concrete batching plant is an ideal purchase for a construction organization that wants to automate the process of preparing a concrete mixture without significant financial costs.

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