Double Mixers Concrete Batching Plant for Continuous Production Solution

Double Mixers Concrete Batching Plant for Continuous Production Solution

The high-performance concrete mixing plant 2HZS60 is designed specifically for continuous production, it is needed where there is a constant demand for concrete. This may be the production of reinforced concrete products, a large construction project, a house-building plant or the base of a construction company.

2HZS60 batching plant is ready to work around the clock and seven days a week. The cement warehouse can be upto equiped eight silos with a capacity upto 300 tons, which allows you to create sufficient raw materials and plan production properly. An extensive four bins aggregate bacher and a conveyor feeding system ensure high performance of two JS1000 twin shaft concrete mixers.

The use of two concrete mixers in 2HZS60 is designed to ensure the continuity of the production process, because even in the event of a breakdown in one mixer, the production process will not stop, and you will continue to produce concrete.

Like all concrete plants of the series, 2HZS60 batching plant is equipped with all necessary equipment for the production of high-quality concrete, including dispensers for water, aggregate, cement, as well as a chemical additive dispenser or a flow meter at the customer’s choice .

Equipment delivery time: from 15 working days (the period can be reduced, check with managers for equipment availability). Launching the 2HZS60 plant and debugging the concrete production line for at least 3 days. The configuration of the basic model of the plant can be changed and supplemented at the request of the customer.

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